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            I●TONE Smart · City Partner Recruitment Plan

            In China, as a new industry, smart home is currently at a critical point of the introduction period and growth period, the domestic market consumption concept has not yet formed, but with the further implementation of smart home market promotion and further implementation, cultivate consumer habits The consumption potential of the domestic smart home market is bound to be huge, and the industry has a bright future. I-tone is not only a professional supplier of smart home products and solutions. In the future, it will also deeply integrate the real economy and industrial innovation of various industries. I-tone will not only be a traditional manufacturer, but also push forward the sinking of the industry's forward-looking trend concept.

            I-tone is now recruiting local institutions and individuals with resources, capabilities and intentions to take root in the smart home field to become our city partners. I-tone will work with city partners to promote the comprehensive implementation of "Smart Home Series Products and Solutions" quality products and services in local areas. With I-tone as the cornerstone, city partners as the starting point, and smart manufacturing and traditional industry upgrading as the carrier, we provide a full range of products and services to users, cooperate to create a smart home industry ecology that meets Chinese characteristics, and share great business value. .

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          2. I-tone Smart Home East China Base successfully settled in Funan, Anhui
          3. Company news-2019-12-10

            I-tone Smart Home East China Base successfully...


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